For a healthy smile

Preventive care

Dental prophylaxis affects 3 key areas of oral cavity protection.

  • Firstly, it strengthens the teeth along with the tissues around them.
  • Secondly, it prevents the formation of deposits, tartar, and the development of cavities and gum diseases.
  • Thirdly, it visibly improves the external appearance of the teeth.

As a result of prophylactic procedures, patients regain a beautiful and healthy smile, and with it – satisfaction with their appearance. Prophylactic procedures such as professional cleaning or topical fluoride application should be performed at regular intervals, ranging from six months to a year. This guarantees the maintenance of healthy teeth and also maintains the effect of dental treatment. For young patients, it is also necessary to seal the grooves of milk and permanent teeth, which prevents cavities. Check-up visits and hygiene procedures allow for early diagnosis of cavities.