Pediatric Dentistry

For little patients

Dental treatment for children

Pediatric dentistry focuses on conservative treatment of patients in developmental age. We specialize in prevention, diagnosis, and painless treatment of oral diseases that the youngest patients struggle with.

The best pediatric dentist

Daily oral hygiene is essential for maintaining your child’s strong teeth. However, it cannot be done without the help of a specialist. Healthy baby teeth ensure the health of permanent teeth. Tooth decay is a bacterial disease that is particularly transmitted from diseased baby teeth to new permanent teeth that appear around the age of 6. The most susceptible to tooth decay are teeth that have just emerged.

Preventive treatment of children's teeth

As part of the treatment of our youngest patients, we perform:

  • teeth sealing (filling the grooves of molars and premolars with pit and fissure sealant to minimize the risk of developing cavities),
  • teeth varnishing (coating the teeth with a fluoride preparation to strengthen the teeth’s resistance to decay).

Visiting the dentist with your child without pain

The priority of pediatric dentistry is a painless treatment process. Fear often accompanies the youngest patients during their first visits to the dental office. That is why the adaptation visit is so important, during which the child has the opportunity to meet both their dentist and the basic dental tools. The use of modern children’s treatment methods, based on, among others, colorful fillings or painless anesthesia with The Wand Plus device, is also important.

Children are afraid of the unknown, so we make every effort to make them feel comfortable and at ease in our office. Thanks to this, each subsequent visit will be associated with good fun and an adventure worth continuing.