A new and beautiful smile

Modern dental prosthetics allow to restore the full brightness of the smile and provide teeth with proper, as close as possible to natural functionality. Prosthetics deals with restoring a fragment of a single tooth, filling in one, several or all teeth.

Dental prosthetics in Rzeszow

In the field of prosthetic dentistry, Stomatologia Mikołajczyk offers a full range of high-quality services, including:

  • veneers – ultra-thin porcelain covers that are individually made for each patient and are attached to the front surfaces of teeth, masking tooth imperfections;
  • crowns – made of dental ceramics on a durable base, they strengthen dead teeth, restore color identical to natural teeth, and correct the shape of the teeth;
  • bridges – a replacement that is made to reconstruct a missing tooth or several teeth;
  • inlays/onlays/overlays – in the case of large cavities, where tooth destruction exceeds about 30-40% of the amount of tissues, we offer cosmetic fillings of the tooth with porcelain or composite inserts made in a dental laboratory, and then glued in place of the cavity in the tooth;
  • acrylic dentures – a type of prosthetic restoration that rebuilds missing teeth, where both the plate and the teeth of the prosthesis are made of acrylic;
  • skeleton dentures – partial dentures that fill gaps in the dentition, which for various reasons do not qualify for bridge restorations.