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Our dental practice offers you comprehensive dental care in all areas of dentistry. We work in accordance with the concept of ‘painless dentistry’. We specialize in professional, comprehensive, and painless dental treatment.


Professional equipment

We have an X-ray laboratory where we take high-quality dental and sinus X-rays. In our work, we use the CS 9300 Dental and ENT CT Scanner System, which enables us to perform precise analysis of the anatomical structures of the patient’s entire dentition and their three-dimensional reconstruction.

Aesthetic treatment

Smile makeovers

A snow-white smile is one of our greatest assets – it inspires trust, reduces distance between people, and allows one to feel confident in any situation. Modern cosmetic dentistry meets the needs of patients dreaming of naturally beautiful teeth and impeccable appearance. Painless treatment includes correction of minor imperfections as well as complete transformation of the appearance of the dentition.


Beautiful smile

Implantology is the most advanced method of reconstructing teeth. It provides the opportunity to restore proper chewing function and regain a naturally beautiful smile. Teeth rebuilt on implants perfectly mimic natural dentition both aesthetically and functionally.


A new and beautiful smile

Prosthodontics is a rapidly developing branch of dentistry that focuses on the restoration of extensive missing or damaged teeth and hard tissue defects. Prosthetic treatment is recommended for patients who need to restore the proper facial physiognomy, including the balance of the neuromuscular system of the jaw, including the ability to chew. Prosthetic procedures can include the use of dental prostheses, such as dentures, bridges, and crowns, as well as the use of dental implants. The goal of prosthodontic treatment is to improve the function, appearance, and comfort of the mouth and teeth. With advancements in technology and materials, prosthetic dentistry is continually evolving to provide patients with the best possible outcomes.


A beautiful smile

Orthodontics focuses on the prevention and treatment of congenital dental disorders (maxillofacial defects and bite) in children and adults. As a result of orthodontic treatment, both morphological and functional functions of the masticatory system are restored.


Microscopic endodontic treatment.

We also specialize in endodontic treatment, which involves the mechanical and chemical removal of infected tissue destroyed by bacteria from the tooth, followed by the airtight filling of the canals with a special material.


Healthy gums

Gum diseases are a common condition that, in terms of frequency, is second only to tooth decay. Periodontal treatment is recommended for patients struggling with oral mucosa diseases, gum pathologies, or inflammatory conditions of the periodontium.

Pediatric dentistry

For little patients.

Pediatric dentistry focuses on specialized conservative treatment of patients in the developmental age. We specialize in prevention, diagnosis, and painless treatment of oral cavity issues that affect the youngest patients.

Preventive care

For a healthy smile

We offer services related to the prevention of tooth decay and the treatment of existing dental caries.


Oral hygiene

We also offer sales of accessories dedicated to professional oral care.


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Implants will restore a beautiful smile to everyone

Implants will restore a beautiful smile to everyone

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Digital diagnostics in dentistry

Digital diagnostics in dentistry

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